• 洛瑞:我们必须要在得分方面提高

    'Well, that was pretty good,' said Harry, 'but we've overrun, we'd better leave it here. Same time, same place next week?'

  • 曼萨诺:将给球队放假,迎战恒大更有信心


  • 曝欧冠球队2000万镑可得瓦尔迪

    'Hey, Harry,' Hermione called from the other end of the room, 'have you checked the time?'

  • 李京龙砍23分,国奥大胜加拿大

    'Weasley is our King,

  • 杜锋:拜纳姆未痊愈,留用卡特

    It became clear after ten minutes, however, that Ron was not capable of eating anything more and Harry thought it best to get him down to the changing rooms. As they rose from the table, Hermione go; up, too, and taking Harry's arm she drew him to one side.

  • 林书豪冰岛行和14岁小孩斗牛

    Harry felt optimistic about Gryffindors chances; they had, after all, never lost to Malfoy's team. Admittedly, Ron was still not performing to Wood's standard, but he was working extremely hard to improve. His greatest weakness was a tendency to lose confidence after he'd made a blunder; if he let in one goal he became flustered and was therefore likely to miss more. On the other hand, Harry had seen Ron make some truly spectacular saves when he was on form; during one memorable practice he had hung one-handed from his broom and kicked the Quaffle so hard away from the goalhoop that it soared the length of the pitch and through the centre hoop at the other end; the rest of the team felt this save compared favourably with one made recently by Barry Ryan, the Irish International Keeper, against Poland's top Chaser, Ladislaw Zamojski. Even Fred had said that Ron might yet make him and George proud, and that they were seriously considering admitting he was related to them, something they assured him they had been trying to deny for four years.

  • 杨学增:放平心态才有可能赢球

    'Dobby knows the perfect place, sir!' he said happily. 'Dobby heard tell of it from the other house-elves when he came to Hogwarts, sir. It is known by us as the Come and Go Room, sir, or else as the Room of Requirement!'